Questions to Ask When Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Buying or selling a home is one of the most financially significant transactions most people engage in throughout their lives. Taking these steps can create a less overwhelming experience for you in a competitive real estate market.

A great real estate agent makes the process less daunting but selecting an agent to work with that is the best fit for you, can be challenging. In a field like real estate, knowing the right people is everything. Your hired agent must be well-versed, analytical, and transparent. Here are some questions to ask when hiring a real estate agent to ensure you’re hiring the ideal one for you and your wants:

1. How long have you been in real estate?
When choosing an agent to work with, working with an agent that was honest and trustworthy was the most important factor for buyers, above experience. Research has shown that having a real estate agent that knows the area and put your needs first has made a lager impact on their buying/ selling process.

2. How do you help match buyers with homes?
A good real estate agent strives to please their client by taking their preferences – like the client’s budget, desired designs and likes and dislikes – into account. They will also give the client several similar choices to choose from to make sure they’re hitting the client’s goals.

3. Do you work with both buyers and sellers? – What ratio of buyers to sellers do you have?
Most agents specialize in buying and selling, which helps you understand the market better. They reveal comparative pricing and the expected client type. However, your agent shouldn’t represent the buyer and seller in a single case.

4. Will I be working with you individually or with a team?
The benefits of working with an individual real estate agent vs. a team may vary. An individual agent will manage everything themselves and be fully invested in the process but may not always be available. A team may provide more care and research, but the agent may not handle all important matters themselves.

5. How often will we communicate?
Easily accessible agents are better for people who have busy life and work schedules. An agent can be greatly utilized by email to ensure all questions are answered properly and at once. Agents are also available by phone for questions that may need immediate responses. Many houses are shown on weekends, so agents may take longer on the more popular days.

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