The Wagener Terrace Life and Real Estate

Located along Ashley River, Wagener Terrace is a serene neighborhood perfect for students, families, and young professionals. Moving to Wagner Terrace should be on your bucket list if you are looking for a neighborhood with the convenience of downtown without the noise of an urban area. The neighborhood comprises multiple sing-family homes with sizeable yards.

What Makes Wagner Terrace a Good Place to Live

Eastside is quickly becoming a hub of activity because of its potential and close location to downtown Charleston. Once known as one of the rougher areas of town, Eastside has a long history with lots of ups and downs, and today things are looking up because the area is undergoing a transformation. Over the past 30 years, this neighborhood has seen a total transformation and has been great for those who want to experience the neighborhood’s resurgence. Today this is one of the most densely populated areas of Charleston, meaning you are a short walk from restaurants, event spaces, and offices in every direction.

Wagner Terrace is best known for its incredible restaurants and ease of transport. Family-friendliness, entertainment, and relaxed living are other reasons most people prefer to settle here. Situated north of The Citadel, residents enjoy the natural feel of the neighborhood. Unlike other neighborhoods in Charleston, Wagener Terrace has modern homes built recently.

The history of the neighborhood’s establishment dates back to the 1800s. It all began when William Lowndes, a member of the House of Representatives, sold 34 acres of land to Frederick Wagener.

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Real Estate in Wagner Terrace Charleston

Wagener Terrace offers a wide variety of homes for sale. Whether you want a single-style home or cottage house style, there are plenty of options. The home’s floor plans are designed with casual comfort in mind and have undergone major renovations to reflect the needs of modern-day homebuyers.

Due to the neighborhood’s proximity to Ashley River, you will be lucky to find a home with a riverfront view. Even If you don’t have the luxury of finding such a home, you will be a walking distance away from a dock where crabbing and fishing are the order of the day. You can also take a nature walk to watch the sun glimmer across the river during sunset.

If you are interested in moving to this serene neighborhood, contact Empire Properties. We have a wide variety of homes for sale to ensure you easily find the home of your dreams. We’re familiar with the area, so don’t hesitate to contact us for queries.


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