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The Many and Unique Neighborhoods of Charleston

Charleston is one of the most desirable places to live in the United States. Contact one of our agents to learn about the latest Charleston, SC real estate area info.

The weather is almost always perfect, there is no shortage of white, sandy beaches, and it is filled with old world charm and history. See what homes we have for sale in downtown Charleston, Folly Beach, and other areas by contacting one of our amazing agents!

Charleston is a combination of both city living and single-family dwellings, making it perfect for the up and coming professional and a great place to settle down and plant some roots. Settle down in one of the best family neighborhoods in Charleston, SC by speaking with a local real estate agent. Each neighborhood has its own culture and feel, which creates a diverse and wonderful place to live! Learn more about Charleston real estate area info by browsing through the information below.

Folly Beach

Folly Beach is a city that is located on Folly Island, which resides just south of Charleston. It is a famous and highly attractive place to live not just due to the beachcombing lifestyle, but also to iconic landmarks like the Folly Beach Pier. It is a smaller island stretching 1,000 feet out into the open ocean and its quaint downtown center is lined with boutiques and day shopping. So inhabitants never need to leave the island if they don’t want to. Whether you are looking for a beachfront locale or a villa, there are a vast number of housing options to choose from. Folly Beach is a place where you can live vacation 365 days a year.

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Downtown Charleston is where the action is. It is a favorite tourist attraction, but that doesn’t distract from its hometown appeal. Being in the midst of the city, you still get a sense and feeling of community. And being close to shopping, parks, and beaches, it is the best of all worlds. The suburbs around the downtown area are an excellent place for small family and singles alike looking to live a healthy and rich lifestyle.

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North Central

North Central is known as one of the more iconic neighborhoods in Charleston. It is filled with nightlife and tons of restaurants and shops. North Central has a vibe all its own with a fast- paced feel and lots of hustle and bustle. It is a perfect place for the home dweller who wants to be where the action is! Transportation is abundant and everything is within walking distance, which is what makes it an amazing place for someone wanting a city-lifestyle.

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The Eastside

The Eastside of Charleston is a historic part of the city that is an up and coming hip spot. Many renovations projects in the area like the revamping of the Cigar Factory on East Bay and Columbus Street are a reason that it is a desirable area for young professionals in the city. The neighborhood is still being transformed, but it is sure to meet or exceed expectations as the “place to be” in downtown Charleston.

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Hampton Park Terrace

Hampton Park Terrace is a perfect spot for a homebuyer who wants all the advantages of a backyard without the hardships of maintaining it. The park, which is the heart of the neighborhood, holds activities throughout the year that gives Hampton Park Terrace a close-knit community feel. Because it is adjacent to restaurants and shopping, Hampton Park Terrace is a dream for those who want to live and play locally.

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Wagner Terrace

Young families will find their zen in Wagner Terrace. It is a great place to find your first “starter home” due to the abundance of growing families and moderately priced homes. It is a relatively safe part of the city with big trees and strollers. It is a well-established area of Charleston, and although all are welcome, it tends to be filled with kids and family excitement. So if that is where you are in life, Wagner Terrace is for you!

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South Windermere

South Windermere or Old Windemere is an excellent single family home neighborhood. It has an eclectic feel with old architecture mixed with new development. It is a larger community where all you need is well within reach. For the couple who is looking to set roots or the single family who wants to grow and thrive in a neighborhood, South Windermere is an excellent fit. It used to be a part of the recreational area called the Pleasure Grove and is one of the very first suburban developments in Charleston. It is surrounded by old shaded trees and waterways, which gives you a forestry feel, but so close to downtown that you get a taste of city life too.

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West Ashley

West Ashley is located just across Ashley River. It is a 56.4 square-mile part of Charleston, but it feels like a community all its own. Seeping with a rich history, West Ashley was established since 1670 and was the first place that people settled in Charleston. It is connected to downtown Charleston by two peninsula bridges and has a ton of historical sites. The beauty is that it is literally close to everything and has hip spots like Avondale for young professionals and Carolina Bay for families to put down roots.

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Byrnes Downs

Byrnes Downs is a small neighborhood located in West Ashley. Because it is right off Savannah Highway, it is an excellent place for commuters who want an easy route into and out of the downtown Charleston area. Primarily a place where you can find a moderately priced single family home, it is an area where you still know all of your neighbors and have the security of a close community. There is no shortage of charm in Byrnes Downs, with many of the homes that were initially built in the 1940s still lining its streets. If you are looking for a well-established and mature area of Charleston, Byrnes Downs is a perfect match.

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The Crescent

The Crescent is just five minutes from the heart of historic downtown Charleston in West Ashley. It is considered one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Charleston. Lining the streets are traditional homes. And because it was originally established in 1920, the foliage is mature and the green space abundant. But because it is so close to downtown, you have the best of both urban and rural living all-in-one. If waterfront is your wish, a perfect house is ready and waiting in The Crescent.

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