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In a market as unpredictable as real estate it is advantageous to be as agile as possible. This was the thought going through the mind of Nicole Gordon when she partnered with fellow industry experts and veterans to found Princeton Home Loans, a local brokerage, which is a subsidiary of the Ewing, NJ based Princeton Mortgage Corporation.

“Although we are run as a separate entity, we have access to and support from the incredible Princeton Mortgage Corporation,” Says Gordon, “Their sales leadership and training, accounting and compliance services and top-notch marketing. It also allows our process to run like a direct lender, with in-house underwriting, with the benefits of diversifying and creating relationships with wholesale lenders across the country. Brokers are not always better and retail lenders are often relatively vanilla. The Nicole Gordon Team can be agile and creative in market environments we find ourselves in right now.”

Princeton Home Loans was created as a way to offer the best loan products available to local home buyers while remaining agile. The importance of this was not lost on Nicole, who is not new to the challenges of running a company in the mortgage industry. She and her team of industry experts were also hyper-focused on solidifying a culture built on values that would act as their bedrock regardless of the state of the market.

“When I owned Fortren Funding, a refinance call center in New Jersey, one of our “sales commandments” was the “mom rule”. It basically meant that we won’t sell a loan to a client that we wouldn’t sell to our own mom. Having a moral line and working with integrity is everything in this industry.”

This is one of the things that drew Nicole and her husband and long-time business partner Mark Gordon to Princeton Mortgage Corporation. Princeton, which was recently named the 502nd fastest growing company in America according to the Inc. 5000, is quickly becoming known for a culture built on transparency, accountability, and customer satisfaction. To that end, Princeton Mortgage is currently in the top 1% of the mortgage industry when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Surrounding herself with great people is something Nicole is proud of and humbled by. Kate Gussin, Anthony Tucker and Kenny Fuqua make up her all-star team and each adds something very special to The Nicole Gordon Team.

“Having Princeton Home Loans, supported by the 502nd fastest growing company in America (Inc 5000) and one of the Top Ten fastest growing companies in the mortgage industry, is a huge benefit to my team and our clients. Mark [Chief Revenue Officer at Princeton Mortgage and Nicole’s husband of more than 10 years] is a brilliant coach and leader. He has inspired me every day to do better work, and he stands humbled by the gaps that I fill for him. For the past 16 years, we have worked together, lived together, built businesses, and taken risks together. I owe much of my confidence and growth to him.” 

Nicole’s confidence seems only to be overshadowed by her commitment to growing her expertise and influence as a thought leader in this space. On top of Princeton Home Loans, Nicole also owns six investment properties, building a better understanding of property management and bolstering her local investment market skills. She is focused on building communities and giving value to anyone and everyone she meets. Whether she is hosting awesome events, sharing her thoughts on the podcast she co-hosts “Meeting Charleston,” or taking her 3 daughters around town, Nicole is focused on making a big impact on the lives of her neighbors in the Low Country.

“I believe success is measured within the balance of your passions. Being able to have grace for yourself, especially as a mom, when you wear many hats and don’t want to be defined solely by any of them. Finding calmness and pleasure in the presence of important moments of your day. Being true to who you think you want to be.”